We hope that you find “FMily” a place of Peace, Serenity

and most of all…

finding answers and validation to how and why we feel like we do.

Enjoy your stay, and as always we are here to help in any way we can.

“FMily”  is a place where people are comfortable to visit often

finding a place of peace and serenity

Sometimes when things get to be too much,

it helps to have someone who has been there and really cares.

Someone to talk to and to listen

The wonderful people within this board are here to do just that,

to support, care and to understand.

This site is an all volunteer effort.

Our purpose – – our desire – – is to support.

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Our Mission

To Provide quality Support

To enhance one’s mind, spirit, body and Soul through articles and postings

To be caring and compassionate, so that everyone feels cared for and valued

To Maintain a Forum that encourages mutual respect, dignity and trust that is conductive to personal growth

Gaining support from others is MORE than a matter of listing your

problems and complaints, and getting sympathy

for your pain and problems.

Hearing from others with similar experience VALIDATES

you and your feelings as a human being and improves

your self esteem.

Knowledge is Power! This Forum’s intention is that the knowledge

you gain will give you the power to control, and perhaps

overcome the many different facets that living a life with

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain present in daily life.

You are NOT alone and the discomfort you’re experiencing

is NOT “all in your head”!

Now Some History About Our “FMily”

We are FMily was the FIRST Fibromyalgia site on Delphi in 1998.

This FMily has grown so much since then, as has the awareness and the amount of people whose lives have been touched by the FM Dragon.

These pages will be updated frequently  so please check
back often and bookmark our site so that you may return again and again.

We hope you enjoy and find this site helpful.

Tender Hugs

((((((((((We Are FMily))))))))))